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Skilled Representation In Construction Law

The construction industry brings unique cases to the table at the regulatory framework level. Moreover, a construction project from public or private sectors includes specific issues that should be handled diligently. The various stakeholders of construction matters, such as contractors, subcontractors, among other entities involved, also represent challenges, and require the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

At Shafron Law Group, LLC, we have advocated for the rights of our New Jersey and New York clients for more than 30 years. Our work is centered around the protection of our clients’ interests by means of personalized solutions, based on the insights acquired through cases with complex issues across related industries.

Customized Legal Advice To Shield Your Construction Operations

In spite of the benefits rooted in a construction project, owners and stakeholders require the services of reliable legal partners to craft legal documents and resources to shield their operations and finances. At Shafron Law Group, LLC, we provide cost-efficient services which range from counsel to litigation. Our comprehensive knowledge of construction law enables us to develop the innovative and creative solutions that are already a trademark of our law firm.

Our portfolio of services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Negotiation or mediation procedures aimed at the settlement of disputes
  • Representation in litigation and trials, including appeals
  • Personal liability focused on construction companies
  • Construction liens

Regardless of the complexity of the legal matter, our team of lawyers, led by attorney Jason Shafron, is devoted to providing aggressive and thoughtful representation for our clients in their construction representation needs.

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